Black Star

wanna know how to keep idiots entertained for hours?

ok yea again..old and gay...anywayz im not sure what to put here i mean ppl say im funny but i dont think im funny and im funniest when i dont try but when i do try my jokes are corny so...ok yea see?there i go rambling if i ramble plz tell me cuz it gets on my nerves i mean you would think it'd get on your nerves but it usually doesnt and im rambling again arent i?DAMNNIT!you're supposed to tell me these things!

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if you write poetry and you dont mind sharing plz email me the poem(if you want me to post them on the site)my emails at the bottom of the page..if not thats cool too



7/19/02 - started this site

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this site's dedicated to my friends:Matt,T'bone(cant count out the weird ppl now can we?),Stephen,Angelus, Mally,Wills,Laura, Buff,Veronica,Oz,Will, Nick,Gina,Xandy, Wiwwo,Nina,Oscar(my kitty),um..who else lets see how about my three fav. cousins...TY-TY,Ashley,and oh james marsters(my sexy bitch) um seth green(my other sexy bitch) and skeet ulrich(damn he fine!)oh and i cant forget my sexiest bytch(besides Matt) Eminem and his little brother Nathan.....but most of all this site is dedicated to my disfuntional family and all my friends the tele and rock music for warping my mind!!!!!!!(oh and sign my friggin guestbook!)



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